Experimental build

This GNOSIS Map Server runs an experimental development version testing out our proposed extensions to existing OGC services as well as new open web mapping standards.


All services now support both GNOSIS Map Tiles, GML, GeoECON and GeoJSON
(GNOSIS map tiles are an open-specification compact tiled binary representation of vector, imagery or coverage data)


Natural Earth (1:10,000,000)

Ordnance Survey OpenMap Local (1:10,000)

Building (SLD styles)
   - Note: building layer will come up as empty at the default zoom level; a small area must be specified e.g. this request

CarChargingPoint (SLD styles)

ElectricityTransmissionLine (SLD styles)

Foreshore (SLD styles)

FunctionalSite (SLD styles)

Glasshouse (SLD styles)

ImportantBuilding (SLD styles)

MotorwayJunction (SLD styles)

NamedPlace (SLD styles)

RailwayStation (SLD styles)

RailwayTrack (SLD styles)

RailwayTunnel (SLD styles)

Road (SLD styles)

RoadTunnel (SLD styles)

Roundabout (SLD styles)

SurfaceWater_Area (SLD styles)

SurfaceWater_Line (SLD styles)

TidalBoundary (SLD styles)

TidalWater (SLD styles)

Woodland (SLD styles)

Other vector data sources (coming soon to this GNOSIS Map Server)


Imagery data sources (to be served through WMTS and unified map service)

Blue Marble Next Generation

ISO 19115 metadata: (XML) (ECON) (JSON)

January 2004

February 2004

March 2004

April 2004

May 2004

June 2004

July 2004

August 2004

September 2004

October 2004

November 2004

December 2004


Elevation data sources (to be served through WMTS and unified map service)

SRTM / Viewfinder Panoramas

(UMS feature)